Public health management of Q fever

Q-fever cases
Photo: Landesgesundheitsamt Baden-Württemberg
Indirect Immune Fluorescence Assay for detecting human IgG and IgM antibodies against Coxiella burnetii


The aim of this project is to improve the management of Q fever in the public health system, for both human and veterinary sides. The main focus is on composing a written guideline for Q fever to monitor Coxiella burnetii, prevent its spread and optimize and standardize the course of action in the case of a Q fever outbreak. This guideline will incorporate the different projects of the consortium and will be discussed and complemented by the members of this consortium during regular meetings. A second focus is on improving Q fever diagnostics by developing new techniques on the human side and transferring a human test system to veterinary diagnostics. A third focus is on analyzing the Q fever fatigue syndrome within the context of a Q fever outbreak.